Procedure and Techniques Developed and Inspired by original Asian methods and modern techniques. All theory is presented with big screen Power Point by instructor Kim Pham.

Models are needed (services performed by supervised students.)

Please call for availability and schedule.


We offer:

•    Guaranteed to Learn
•    Step-by-Step Instruction
•    Hands On Practice
•    Learn the Latest & Best Technique
•    Gain Confidence
•    Avoid Mistake and Problem Solving
•    Free Refreshment Courses
•    Toll Free Technical Support
•    Certificate upon Completion
•    Student Discounts on Supplies


Permanent Makeup Classes:


•    Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Classes
•    Paramedical Training Class
•    Permanent Makeup Instructor Classes
•    Skin Revision including spot removal, skin needling and skin peel
•    Eyelash Perm, Brow and Lash Tint and Lash Extension Classes


Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing  Course

 Beginner course     
$2,600.00 for 4 Days


Consists of 4 Days of Intensive Permanent Makeup Training . With this class, you will receive the instruction necessary to be successful from the very start, most of Kim\\\\\\\'s students leave with more knowledge and skill than other school.

Student will receive:

•  Deluxe Mosaic Machine Kit .
•    Complete Deluxe Mosaic Machine Kit Includes:

     Mosaic Machine; Transmission Shaft; Hands Free Foot Pedal; 120v or 220v Adapter; Needle Caps; Front Casing;
     1, 2, 3 and 7 Prong Round Needles; Needle Tubes; 3,4 and 6 Prong Flat Needles

•    Course Fee Includes products to be used in the Class, Training Manual, Certificate issued upon passed   
     Examination, Free Refreshment within one year (call to arrange the refresher).

Permanent Makeup Course Curriculum

Procedure and Techniques Developed and Inspired by Original Methods from the Orient.
All Theory is presented with Big Screen and PowerPoint by Instructor: Kim Pham and her assistants.


Day 1:
•    Introduction
•    Color Theory
•    Pigments
•    Skin Tone, color selection and color mix
•    Written Test for Color Theory
•    Skin Structure
•    Anesthetics for Permanent Makeup
•    Mosaic Machine
•    Lab Test use Different Method
•    Eyebrow
   o    Eyebrow Design and Measurement
   o    Eyebrow Anesthetics Application
   o    Machine Holding Position and Skin Support for Eyebrow
   o    Needle Usage for Eyebrow
   o    Practice: Design Eyebrow on Mannequin
•    Instructor step by step to demonstrate Eyebrow with Blend In Method
•    Hands On practice on Mannequin for Eyebrow


Day 2:
•    Allergic Reaction and Patch Testing
•    Healing Process and After Care
•    Fixing Errors and Camouflaging
•    Client Consultation
•    Review Medical Release Form
•    Safety, Sanitization and Sterilization
  o    Universal Precautions to Prevent Disease Transmission
  o    Cross Contamination
  o    Protective Equipment
  o    Sterilization Processes
  o    Safe Work Place and Safe Procedures
•    Written Test for Safety
•    Dry Run Test: Eyebrow on Partners
•    Eyebrow Procedures on Models
Bring in Camera for Eyebrow at 2:00 pm


Day 3:
•    Difference Between Permanent Makeup and Semi Permanent Makeup
•    Technique for Permanent Makeup and Semi Permanent Makeup
•    Promoting Permanent Makeup and Start Your Business
•    Eyeliner
  o    Eyeliner Styles
  o    Eyeliner Anesthetics Application
  o    Machine Holding Position and Perfect Skin Support for Eyeliner
  o    How to prevent Pigments Migration
  o    How to do Eyeliner without Touch ups
  o    Needle Usage for Eyeliner
•    Instructor step by step to demonstrate Eyeliner
•    Hands On Practice on Mannequin for Eyeliner
•    Dry Run Test: Eyeliner on Partners
•    Eyeliner Procedures on Models
Bring in Camera for Eyeliner at 2:00 pm


Day 4
•    Tools and Materials: Setting Up you Work Station
•    Review Usage of Pigments and Needles
•    Lipliner
  o    Lipliner Drawing Styles
  o    Pre-Medication for Lip Procedures
  o    Lipliner Anesthetics Application
  o    Machine Holding Position and Skin Support for Lipliner
  o    Needle Usage for Lips
•    Instructor step by step to Demonstrate Lipliner
•    Dry Run Test Lipliner on Partners
•    Course Examination
•    Lipliner Procedures on Models

•    Networking & marketing support.
•    Telephone technical support.
•    Referrals.

•    Why your Hair Stroke Disappeared after Healed? How to prevent from?
•    Eye Brow Color Correction (Blue, Orange, Purple & Pink)
•    How to Prevent Eye Brow from Color Change
•    Non Surgical Eye Brow Removal
•    Eye Brow Camouflage
•    Eye shadow application technique

Live Models demonstration and hand on practice

Advance course
2 days
•    Pre-medication for Lips Procedure
•    Full Lips Fill in Technique
•    How to Correct Uneven Lips
•    How to Enlarge Lips
•    How to Reduce Lips
•    Why Lip Colors didn\'t stay? How to Minimize Touch ups
•    How to Prevent Color from Changing to Black (blue or purple)
•    How to do Lips Procedure for Women with Color
•    Blue and Purple Lips Correction.
•    Feathering Brow technique

  •      Examination
  • Live Models demonstration and hand on practice

Skin Revision workshop

$800 one day workshop

Includes: Spot removal (Aging spots, Sun damage,Skin tags...)

              Dry Needling for wrinkles, Scars..

Machine is offered at discounted price

Live model demonstration and hands on practice .